Sunday, September 15, 2013

Remembering Timothy...

When young Timothy Sinha lived, guarding the Indian shores in Mumbai, probably very few of us knew about him. But now, after his martyrdom, we all know that Timothy was one of Barak Valley’s greatest yet unsung contributions to the cause of the safety, security and integrity of this nation.
The day, INS Sindhurakshak exploded into flames last month, most of us took it as another piece of news flashing across the television channels. Little did we know that in this explosion, the state of Assam had lost two of its valiant sons.

Like many of his age, Timothy was also a young and energetic lad with dreams in his eyes. While many of us chose to enter the corporate world, he decided to dedicate himself to the cause of the security of his nation.

While his commitment to his duty was unquestionable, he loved to live life to the fullest. Deeply religious, Timothy also was concerned about the backwardness and the problems surrounding his region. Therefore, we were not at all surprised to find him on the friends list of the Concern For Silchar facebook page.

Only a couple of days before the INS Sindhurakshak disaster, Timothy had uploaded his photo on his facebook page. The wide smile on his face showed how much he loved life. Alas, destiny had other plans in store for him.

Our hearts go out to the grieving parents of Timothy who are currently dealing with the untimely and unexpected demise of their son. But, they must be extremely proud that their son has laid down his life on the line of national duty.

It was heart rending to see his tri-colour draped body reach Kumbhirgram last week.  Team Concern For Silchar express its deepest condolences to the bereaved family as well as salutes all its members for their unparalleled sacrifice. May his soul rest in peace….

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  1. It's very good gesture of Gautom Roy to visit his parents and try taking initiative to get some institute name after him ,rest of our big leaders are not bothered to pay him homage ,it's very disheartening.


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