Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hill Queen Express' extension up to Silchar delayed

In view of the protests by various organizations of the Dima Hasao district, the NF Railway authorities have decided not to extend the services of the Hill Queen Express up to Silchar till further orders.


  1. It seems the railway authorities has laid their arms to some anti-social elements, railway is for every region not for a single region or community

    Team Silchar Today

  2. You know this is a never ending story. It will be continued. The political hands will only support the Brahmaputra Valley and imaging Guwahati and now Dibrugarh. They forgot or rather have taken the people of Barak Valley granted as the budgets and fund sanctions are only meant for the upper Assam. As my opinion the development of the region is only in the hands of the people and no one. But we people scream for a few days and move out marching on the streets with banners and then we forget the issue, we get acquainted with the issue very soon which is no good for anybody. The region is lacking the basic facilities of proper roads, railway connectivity, air connectivity and many. My question comes that if the government can take initiative to develop Guwahati in a few years why not Silchar. It is an important business hub for the other part of Assam.

    Its a strong view to make but thats what I feel that it would have been better if the Barak valley can have its own statehood or get themselves with Tripura because the State or the Central Government will never turn towards us. They will only fill up there pockets with the sanctions made in the name of BARAK VALEY DEVELOPMENT.

    Admin awaiting for reply and a revolution against the isuues not a silent one but a strong one.


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