Sunday, February 3, 2013


Dear Readers,

             After a brief hiatus of almost three months, we are back. During the last few months when we could not meet, we were indeed overwhelmed by your e-mails enquiring about the reason behind our absence. Your love and concern indeed proves that we are not irrelevant, that the issues raised by us also ring a bell in your concerned hearts, which beat for our valley.

          Today, we shall resume our movement with the pen with a wonderful piece of poetry by a lover of the Silchar town. Yes we welcome the malls and the plazas to our little abode, but can the glitz and the glamour hide the dark and uncomfortable truths, which are getting darker by the day....

                                                           SILCHAR, MY LOVE...

So, you are free from slavery?
The chains of under development have broken?,
the shadows of failure, don't haunt you anymore?

Oh I see,
now you have a shopping mall,
they say you also have a fun plaza and a multiplex.
So dance, dance in its glory, won't you?

Wear the makeup and fake an accent,
flaunt your tattooed skin,
but can you hide the scars?
don't you feel no pain?

The savour of your soul has been lost?
lost in the spirit of axe effects and wild stones?
or the cyber cafes and big bazaars have blighted your eyes?
the photo frame of 'modernity', you can hang in your drawing rooms,
hope you can even see it during power cuts.

never mind the neon light washed corner of your existence,
or the stinky roadsides where the beggars sleep,
Don't worry about the termites that are eating the books of your library,
no one reads them anymore, anyways.

Huh! I have no right to question you, I know
I too have bartered my soul away long back,
It was getting difficult to trace the colours of my dreams in empty stomach,
ya, I am helpless but I am not a traitor

I can't wear a plastic smile and pose for you,
I can't look in your eyes and lie,
Can do it for the world, not for you.
ya, i am not yet good enough. 

So enjoy your time under the sun,
when it gets dark and you need a place to stay,
you can find me here,
I still try to trace the colour of my dreams,
we can draw a rainbow for the morning together,
or speak all night about our innocence,
may be we will get it back then.



  1. Yes we need everything from Shopping malls to good roads, proper drainage system, bypass, flyover, broadgauge, mahasadak etc. Many things need to be done.

    Thanks for the poem also

    Team SilcharToday

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  4. I feel there is no hope of expecting positive actions on developements of this valley as the authority concerned is well aquiented of inactiveness and lethergyness of inhabitants in this Valley.No active leader is in sight. Presently rural mass is drugged to democratic process like panchayatraj to earn some benefits.

  5. I really loved the poem. That is exactly what some of us wonder as to if at all Silchar is developing. The core is getting eroded. People seem to be going into the deeps of slumber. However, on surface we are getting modern. I still find corrupt practices eating up our real progress. I can site a few of them which I will sooner or later when the time is appropriate. I also wonder at times if we are emulating the North-Indian culture. Stressing on the external manifestation without going into the inner details. At least middle-aged ladies dancing to the tunes of "Hookah-bar" on streets in the pretext of celebrating Bishori-puja somewhat assures me that my perception is not wholly incorrect. By the way, why are we stressing so much on gods whose relevance in the scriptures stands the least. Perhaps we can somehow identify them with ourselves. Something is wrong somewhere. Not that it is difficult to pin-point what is wrong. But the difficulty is "Who shall bell the cat?"


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