Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ajanta toothbrush snubs Dev B

By our undercover agent

So Dev B is fuming after being snubbed by Ajanta toothbrush regarding a meeting. What a pity! Can you imagine getting up in the morning and reading from papers like ‘Jug-onko’ and ‘Sonar Aachar’ that the pathetic work department minister had a meeting with the top brass, including Pallamentary sackartary discussing Break valley specially seal-chair. After all for someone who belongs to a dynasty which is older than the now extinct Dinosaurs, feeding on the sweat and blood of the living beings of ‘seal-chair’, it can lead to a heart attack.

And it was not just the meeting but the discussion on the disbursement of funds for the road projects of ‘sealchair’ which left her fuming. I mean, how can they decide on funds, keeping her at bay. If she doesn’t have the know-how of funds it would be difficult to do things her way.

No wonder, she shoot a letter to MC Gogoi, expressing her angst at Ajanta toothbrush.

But then politics got over greed and she expressed happiness that Ajanta toothbrush is taking interest in the sealchair road projects and is now releasing funds. But who knows another crocodile might be at the corner. She also informed that work needs to be started asap as or else monsoon would be here any time. More over next Assembly elections are also on the cards and the party would face wrath.

The Break bridge in Sealchair is also in dangerous condition and Dev B has requested MC Gogoi to take interest.

I pity Dev B. The living beings of Sealchair have already lebelled her as absconding. It’s not that she minds that after all that is just the truth but to say it in as many words can at times shake the core of any good man/woman. So it surely had a double affect on her.
No wonder, still shaky she informed that to MC Gogoi.

Meanwhile, it is heard that Ajanta toothpaste’s visit to sealchair for having a real life experience of the roads have been put on hold after she was advised by EM Budda Roy and UDM DP Guuuaaalaa to visit after the roads improve. Needless to say, she will never get a chance to visit sealchair ever again!



  1. its a cracker........those who dont read the daily newspapaers may not get a hang of it but nevertheless gr8 job..........

  2. Thank you Tomojit.We appreciate you liked our endeavor.Thanks for the support.Join in the fight and spread the word


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  4. Thanks Goirick. Do spread the word

  5. grt post..keep it up....posts nearlly touched my heart...
    we have tried so many times to fight against the condition of this town silchar and barak valley ..and still we r on the process. .ur word will really encourage people a lot......


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