Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pritam's Murder: The candle of protest must keep burning

Now, its been two weeks since Pritam’s body was recovered near Naugachia. Since then, a wave of protest has swept the entire country. Apart from his hometown Silchar and other parts of Barak Valley, demonstrations, candle light vigils, signature campaigns etc have taken place in Guwahati, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and many other places.  

A demonstration in Delhi. Photo Coutesy: Social Media forums
The national media has also taken up the issue seriously. Leading newspapers have widely reported on it and prominent English news channel Times Now has highlighted the brutal murder in a major way. But, unfortunately, concrete results on the ground are yet to be seen. Some arbitrary arrests have been made and GRP personnel posted at Naugachia suspended. Yet, there is no news of any major breakthrough. 

However, in such cases, it has been observed that the momentum of such protests and demonstrations gradually start losing steam with the passage of time. The media also shifts focus to other stories and events. The unscrupulous officials in charge of the investigation as well as the political leaders are also well aware of this trend and they quietly wait for the momentum to die down.

Therefore, in most cases, within a few months, the activists go back to their lives, the media breaks some other news and the policemen and political leaders tackle new issues. Finally, the bereaved family members are left frustrated with memories and deeply anguished about the fact that the criminals have escaped scot free.

This is the reason why, the Pritam Bhattacharjee murder case needs to be told and retold again and again.  We cannot afford to let this momentum lose steam with time. If we fail to ensure justice to the talented youngster, then his departed soul would never forgive us.

New and innovative ways to keep the struggle going, have to be found, till the murderers are nabbed and brought to task. After all, this justice is needed not only for Pritam but for each one of us who have travelled through the treacherous rail corridors of Bihar, compromising with our entitled accommodations as well as our self respect.

The crusade for justice would have gained greater speed, had the Assam government shown little more interest. Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, gave a statement regarding the incident, only after he was probed by the media. The ministers in his government, from Barak Valley, are legendary sycophants and they would never upset their master by taking up an issue which doesn’t have the support of the top leadership.

Fortunately, we the common men, on the street, have decided to speak. We have raised our voice and have pledged to take this gruesome incident to its logical end. However, let us be aware that such cases often take time and can test our patience. The onus is on us to keep the candle burning and give Pritam what he deserves – justice.  


  1. Monday (today), 4:00 pm, College Square, Kolkata, Protest Demonstration for Pritam's murder

  2. Those who killed Pritam still at large. Bihar police is not at all serious to take action against the anti-social elements. This time young generations are angry against the killing of PhD scholar (Pritam Bhattacharjee).
    Protest should continue till the culprits are punished.

    Team SilcharToday

  3. Pritam must get justice. This is totally unaccepted that neither centre not Bihar government is taking the matter seriously...

  4. Government must act and find out the culprit. Government can not remain as a silent spectator till the momentum of protest dye down. But our constitution has established two wings of administration -one is the function of Legislator and other is the function of judiciary. If the function of Legislator is not up to the satisfaction of the public, the matter must go to the judiciary. It is therefore necessary to build up a body to accumulate fund from the public and be ready to file the suit of complain to the Apex Court. God is always kind but sometimes God must be cruel to punish the culprit who dares to do the dastardly act of murdering the bright, young Pritom.


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