Sunday, July 14, 2013

Barak Valley, now a drug trafficking zone

Barak Valley’s crime graph has spiraled drastically upwards in the last couple of years. Crimes such as murders, kidnappings, rapes etc have unfortunately become very frequent especially in the rural areas. However, along with these heinous acts, another extremely disturbing development is the emergence of the valley as a major drug trafficking route.

In the last few months, many major seizures of illegal contraband drugs such as heroin, banned medicines, ganja etc have been made from different parts of the districts of Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi which indicates that drug trafficking is a major business in the valley today.

Barak Valley’s strategic location near the international borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar and its relatively calm law and order situation makes it a convenient prey for unscrupulous drug peddlers, who quietly want to use the region as a transit to transport these illegal materials to mainland India and vice versa.

The region’s economic backwardness and lack of employment opportunities mean that the local youths also often succumb to the financial perks and agree to act as agents for the drug traders who operate from different locations in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Manipur etc.

According to media reports, the Imphal –Jiribam – Silchar –Guwahati route is one of the most preferred drug trafficking routes in the north eastern part of the country today. Responsible citizens feel that the local enforcement authorities are also hand in gloves with the criminals. Otherwise, the menace could not have escalated to such alarming levels.

These developments can have very far reaching ramifications on the overall social fabric of the valley. If this continues, the local youths will also gradually start getting addicted to these dangerous drugs, which hold the capacity to destroy entire generations.

Moreover, the revenue generated by such illegal trafficking can never be invested for positive ends. Invariably such money will get diverted into something illegal and sinister which may further fuel the already deteriorating crime scene of the valley.  

Unfortunately, corruption is rife in almost all government agencies responsible for controlling these activities. Intermittently seizures worth crores are made but many suspect that in between these token seizures, drugs worth crores are also allowed to pass by. However, there is no substantial evidence to prove this allegation.

The government has to look into this issue immediately and initiate drastic measures. Barak Valley is located very strategically near a porous international border with Bangladesh. In such a situation, such trafficking can pave the way for more dangerous exchanges of illegal arms, explosives etc which will be extremely detrimental for the nation as a whole.

The citizens of the valley also have to be more vigilant now. Whenever, we travel by public transport or come across anyone with suspicious body language, we must immediately raise alarm and inform the police. A vigilant citizenry can help solve many alarming activities.

Some recent incidents of seizure of drugs (as per media reports) are:

13th September, 2012
Heroin weighing about 5,300 gms
Silchar, Cachar
11th March, 2013
Pseudoephedrine Tablets worth Rupees 45 crores
Katigorah, Cachar
15th March, 2013
Pseudoephedrine Tablets worth Rupees 16.59 crores
Dholai, Cachar
16th March, 2013
Phensidyl Cough Syrup worth Rupees 72 Thousands
NH 44 near Baba Hotel, Karimganj
10th April, 2013
Pseudoephedrine Tablets worth Rupees
1. 9 crores
South Krishnapur, Cachar
11th May, 2013
Heroin worth Rupees One Crore
Silchar, Cachar


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  1. Many people in Silchar know this matter but no one wants to ppen their mouth even if they know about a peddler or so....If someone wants to complain will it be heard by the police and will they take any action?


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