Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally, some good news from the valley.......

Finally, Barak Valley, a region, starved of any development activities, is witnessing some winds of change. In the recent times, a few projects in different parts of the valley have been inaugurated and we hope that these ambitious projects will also see the light of the day in due course.

Last week, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, laid the foundation stone for the construction of a bridge over the River Barak at Sonabarighat. This bridge, a part of the Silchar bypass project, will be a major relief for the people of rural Cachar, especially in the areas around Sonabarighat, Sonai etc. The new bridge will also help in decongesting the dilapidated Sadarghat bridge.

Another major project launched by the Chief Minister was the building of a modern fish market at Fatak Bazar. Apparently, this project may seem like a minor development, but those who have frequented the present market will agree that the condition around the market is extremely dirty and unhygienic. If a modern market complex with adequate drainage facilities is constructed and then maintained, the fish loving people of the town will be able to enjoy quality hygienic fish.  

Some recent media reports have also claimed that a five hundred bed strong medical college is going to come up inside the Assam University campus. Apparently, Assam University is among four central universities from all over the country which have been selected for the construction of central government funded medical colleges.

With the construction of this college, Silchar will not only have the rare distinction of having two medical colleges, but will also become a major health care hub of the region. Central government recruitment will be done at the national level and qualified doctors from all over the country are expected to join as faculty members. Funds also should not be a major hindrance.

All these developments are extremely positive and fill up our hearts with a great deal of optimism. Apart from Cachar, Karimganj is also going to have new inter state bus and truck terminuses which is another healthy development. However, the government’s implementation and then maintenance record create many obvious doubts.

We are all aware that the state government is extremely inefficient and corrupt in every thing that it does. Therefore, many times projects are launched with fanfare but are never properly implemented or completed. Let us hope this time that Gogoi will also focus on completing these projects on time.

As far as the medical college project is concerned, certain people with vested interests in Dispur will try their best to scuttle its implementation. There may be arguments made that the other town in Assam with a central university does not have a medical college and therefore, needs this facility more than Silchar. It is here that our leaders have to step in. They must rally hard and ensure that such elements do not have their way.

Only time will tell whether these projects will ever be completed or not. However, we the people also must become vigilant and participate in the whole process to ensure that the funds are not misused and ultimately the people are benefited.    


  1. Glad to know about the recent developments... finally there are some signs of progress... hopefully proper implementations take place...

  2. Dear people of Concern for silchar

    Thanks for all these information.

    Ministers are comming and going making announcements and promises, do you think the projects they announced will be completed in time???

    Team Silchar Today

  3. Assam govt. have forgotten dat barak valley is also a part of assam.........
    Im very unhappy to say dat they are busy only in developing upper assam...


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