Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Come! Join the fight against Corruption

Veteran Social Activist Anna Hazare
Veteran social activist Anna Hazare seems to have inspired the entire country to stand up against corruption. Responding to his indefinite fast demanding the formulation of the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’ by a joint committee of the civic society and ministers, people in more than 400 cities and towns across India have extended their support for the senior Gandhian.

While the entire country finds itself engulfed in the sea of corruption, Barak Valley would probably still emerge as one of the most corrupt areas of the whole lot. Starting from infrastructure projects to public health, education and social welfare, all the sectors are bearing the brunt of dishonest officials and leaders who are eating away the funds meant for you and me.

Therefore, as the rest of the country resolves to unite together to deal the final blow on the corrupt politicians and officials, we in Barak Valley should not remain aloof.  Let us join the movement in big numbers and make a difference this time.

The Jan Lokpal Bill has been lying pending for the last 42 years simply because there is no political will to implement the same. On top of that, the government has appointed a group of ministers, which itself includes people with tainted records such as Sharad Pawar, to draft the laws. If there is no public pressure, this bill also will end up as eyewash.

However, the pressure generated by Anna Hazare’s campaign has put the central government in a fix. This time the rulers may not get away without drafting a potent law because the whole country is behind the veteran leader.

This is a major example of what public pressure can achieve. The people of Barak Valley have been agitating over a lot of issues for the last couple of years. The spontaneous road blockades put by the people last year in Silchar demanding better roads forced the Deputy Commissioner to promise rapid repair work and today we can actually see a marked improvement.    
So, come out of your houses, extend your support for Hazare and raise your voice against corruption. As the entire nation is up in arms against corruption today, this might be our best possible chance to get rid of this menace.  

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