Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Embarrassing Lies!

Along with the rest of the ministers of Assam, Barak Valley's 2G - Goala and Gautam - have also declared their assets. Their so called declarations are so blatantly false that even a toddler would vouch for their incorrectness. 

Yet in the name of providing corruption free governance to the state, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi had the audacity to declare these figures. Now let us take a look at these declarations closely.

Assam's Urban Development Minister Dinesh Prasad Goala has claimed that his total assets are worth only Rs. 76 lakhs. His annual earnings are actually paltrier than most of our readers here. The annual earnings are a pathetic Rs. 6,67, 261.50, which means the poor man earns only a little over Rs. 50,000 per month. 

His immovable properties are worth only Rs. 52 lakhs. Given the fact that his palatial bungalow which is under construction at Sonai Road in Silchar will be costlier than the amount he has declared, serious aspersions can be raised about the minister's integrity. What about the other houses he owns in the valley and then in Guwahati, Kolkata, Delhi etc? Goala also claims that he has bank deposits of little over Rs. Six lakhs only. What a shame.

His ministerial colleague Gautam Roy is only marginally richer. The flamboyant minister who is known to live life 'king size' has total assets worth Rs. 90,49,064 only. His annual earnings are, however, even lower than that of Goala's at Rs. 4,70,307 which pegs his monthly purse at about Rs. 40,000. The poor man seriously needs some more sources to make money. 

To lend some authenticity to this sham, Gautam Roy also earnestly mentions that he has booked a flat in Kolkata by paying a booking amount of Rs. 1.8 lakhs. Thank God, he did not claim that he has taken a home loan to purchase the flat and will repay the loan in EMIs. 

These figures certainly show that our ministers have very middle class earnings. But how do they manage to live such elite class lives with such earnings? Actually, they consider us, the people of Barak Valley to be such bigs fools that they did not even bother to lend an iota of credibility to their declarations by at least admitting that they were well to do if not stinking rich. 

Concern For Silchar would like to tell the 2Gs and their master Mr. Gogoi that we do not believe one bit on these shambolic figures declared last week. It is indeed sad, that the government has made a complete mockery of the whole issue.

No, we are not investigators and do not have any data to challenge the veracity of these figures. But please do not embarrass the intelligence of the common public by issuing such figures which do not have any sync with reality.

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